Lifetime Manufacturing Defect:
Wonderful Enterprise Corp. offers the original purchaser a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects only if the floors have been installed following the recommended installation methods, floor maintenance procedures and maintaining proper humidity conditions.

Pre-installation Warranty:
Wonderful Enterprise Corp. will replace any uninstalled flooring that the installer feels is not suitable for installation. If not 100% satisfied, you can just return the uninstalled flooring to your dealer for full credit. will not accept responsibility for any complaints issues as covered under their respective warranties including paying the labor and installation cost. Due to defects, a 5% margin for error and imperfection is an accepted industry standard and shall not be considered a structural defect under the terms of this warranty.

Finish Warranty:
Wonderful Enterprise Corp. warrants, to the original purchaser, that the surface finish on its flooring will not wear through or separate from the bamboo for a full twenty five years, 1 year for commercial, from the date of purchase when used under normal traffic conditions. Finish warranty excludes any indentation, scratches or surface damages caused by lack of proper maintenance, misuse, negligence, accidents, spiked heel shoes, water, wet mopping, erosion, pebbles, sand, other abrasives, insufficient prevention and/or protection. The surface wear must be readily visible and must cover at least ten percent of the surface area.

Structural Warranty:
Wonderful Enterprise Corp. is warranted against de-lamination for life and manufacturing defects. Manufacturing defects caused by improper milling, grading, staining and coating. This warranty means the product will remain free from milling and grading defects for a lifetime. Damages due to improper transportation, storage installation, or any other cause are not covered. Product quality variation or error that does not exceed 5% industry standard, is not considered a factory defect. This warranty will be voided if water or excessive moisture damages the floor. Whenever this warranty is applicable, liability is limited to repairing or replacing, at the option, the material in excess of 5%, material only. Excluding all other costs, such as transportation, storage, installation, cutting allowance, etc…


This warranty is valid only if the owner can provide an original proof of purchase and that he/she is the original owner of the floor. Damage by pets, indentations, furniture scratches, water, and improper maintenance will void the warranty. It is important to maintain a stable relative humidity level in the home. 40-50% relative humidity is suggested. Small cracks that develop from improper moisture control, flooding and excessive drying will not be covered. Expanding and contracting of the bamboo floor is not covered. Color variations are a natural occurrence in the flooring due to age and exposure to ultraviolet sunlight. Harmful ultraviolet sunlight will over time, fade and discolor bamboo flooring. Sunlight and UV rays can and will cause fading, gloss reduction and color change in any wood or bamboo flooring. Therefore fading and discoloration due to exposure to sunlight and its UV rays are not covered by the warranty.


Unless otherwise precluded by the laws in your state, the above warranties are the complete warranties offered by Wonderful Enterprise Corp. and are in place of all other expressed or statutory warranties. This includes the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Wonderful Enterprise Corp. does not assume any liability for incidental or consequential damage.


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